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Shoka shimputai was introduced in 1977. It was created to adapt to modern living environments and the new floral materials available.

Emotions are important, as are, for example, brightness, sharpness, and distinctiveness. The two main elements are shu and yo.  A third, ashirai, can be added as needed.  There is no set location for any branch, but a well-defined mizugiwa is still important.  Shu is like the main actor in a play.  Yo is the main supporting actor, while ashirai are like the bit players.

Interestingly, if the shu and yo make a complete arrangement in the eyes of the arranger, there is no need to add an ashirai.

We learn something new about flower arranging at every workshop.

Susan Quinn

Amy Khedouri

Michele Nguyen

Susan Smith

Margaret Michel

Shelly Dessen

Wanda LaLoggia

Connie Scholl

Beverly Huddleston

Bev Tall

Minnette Siedenburg

Professor Noritaka Noda

Sumie Obata

Yuki Kataoka

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