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Professor Noda gave a very interesting presentation starting with explanations of shoka isshuike and nishuike and then concentrating on sanshuike, detailing the two types: Natural and Design. Our arrangement today would be “Natural” which emphasizes the beauty of character and the beauty of harmony. Sanshuike differs from the two earlier types of arrangements in several ways. For example…1. There can be an even or odd number of stems. 2. Insertion of stems can be random. 3. Stem lines can cross each other. However, since this is still shoka, there must be a well-defined mizugiwa and stems must still be in a straight line.

When we were all finished, Sensei Noda critiqued each arrangement and showed us some very interesting variations on a theme.

Linnéa Storm

Shelly Dessen

Professor Noritaka Noda

Susan Smith

Wanda LaLoggia

Sumie Obata

Lauren Toth

Margaret Michel

Susan Quinn

Yuki Kataoka

Minnette Siedenburg

Michele Nguyen

Daira Legzdina

Connie Scholl

Beverly Huddleston

Bev Tall

Amy Khedouri

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