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We are on our way to learning some of the many intricacies of the Ikenobo shoka arrangements. Those students who attended the October workshop learned how to work with one material (lisianthus) to create an ishuike shoka.

This month we graduated to a two-material arrangement (myrtle and small spray roses) to create a nishuike shoka with nejime. With sensei Linnéa Storm’s precise directions and helpful critiques, we are ready to tackle the even more complicated three-material shoka (sanshuike).

But keep these two lessons in mind, because you will have to wait until next April to tackle this arrangement. In the meantime, enjoy a December freestyle workshop at the Mesa Rose Garden with sensei Marylou Coffman. Then check out January, February and March for other learning opportunities.

Aldalucia Zerio

Anngel Davis

Connie Scholl

Daira Legzdina

Josephine Vincze

Joyce Girvin

Lacey Breidenbach

Margaret Michel

May Uttal

Shelly Dessen

Takara Naylor

Wanda LaLoggia

Yuki Kataoka

Michele Nguyen

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