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Visiting Professor Shoka Curriculum and Shoka Nishuike Workshop
Linnéa Storm and Iris Cashdan-Fishman

Congratulations to Iris Cashdan-Fishman, who recieved her #2 Shoden certificate at the 1st of our visiting professor workshops for 2019.  Well done!

To quote one of our board members, Toby Schmich, “the venue was lovely, the weather was beautiful” and our visiting sensei Yusuke Takabayashi made our day just perfect (if you don’t count some of our pussy willows taking unplanned jumps out of our shoka arrangements).

We learned about the floral patterns of shoka (from narrow to widest), and the combinations of floral materials (from branches to grasses to flowers), and methods of combining them and harmonizing them with the vase being used.

Then we set to work with our pussy willows and mums to create a two-material shoka. The room got very quiet as we concentrated. Our very talented professor seemed to be able to turn a stem or two; add a flower here and there and make our arrangements come alive and “express their hidden inner strength.”

Bev Tall

Beverly Huddleston

Cathy Johnson

David Payne

Iris Cashdan Fishman

Linnea Storm

Margaret Michel

Michele Nguyen

Minnette Siedenburg

Shelly Dessen

Suiye Nishida

Toby Schmich

Wanda LaLoggia

Yoly Hughson

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