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For our December 5 Zoom workshop, Linnea Storm Sensei gave attendees a choice of arranging a shoka isshuike, 1 material shoka, or a nishuike, 2 material shoka, either in a classic style or using one of the possible variations.

While there are many possible variations, in the workshop we focused on two possibilities. One possibility was using soe in front of shin. This is called mae-zoe. The soe is placed in front of shin and moves forward. We would use this variation if the place where the shoka was displayed is very shallow so there is not enough space for the soe to go back far enough. Another time this variation might be used is if the nature of the material dictates this change in position. For example, if a soe branch is showing the underside of its leaves when it is placed in back of shin, then it may be placed in front. If you do this you still need a soe-za (suggestion of soe) in its regular place.

The 2nd variation we reviewed uses a double-mouthed vase or nijugire.  Several individuals with nijugire vases choose to do this variation which is called niju-ike.

(Many of us confessed to a severe case of “vase envy” after viewing the beautiful arrangements in these unique containers.)

Thank you, Linnea Sensei, for another challenging and educational workshop!

Connie Scholl

Josephine Vincze

Yuki Kataoka

Yuki Kataoka

Michele Nguyen

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