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Our sensei, Wanda LaLoggia, presented to a full house of participants at the Zerio home in Scottsdale last Saturday.  Some of the arrangers were newcomers, some long-time Ikenobo friends.

Wanda chose a fairly unusual Shoka arrangement… a maze-ike which is a variation of a two-material nishuike, but mixed (maze) differently. There are two yakueda (shin, soe, tai), and each yakueda contains both materials…in our case, fountain grass and alstromeria.  And, of course, there must still be a proper mizugiwa.

After her presentation, Wanda sensei moved around the classroom helping all participants create arrangements they were proud to bring home to adorn their houses.

Wanda LaLoggia Maizeike Shoka

Linnea Storm Maizeike Shoka

Shibani Sangelkar Maizeike Shoka

Lynet Uttal Maizeike Shoka

Lisa Schleier Maizeike Shoka

Cathy Johnson Maizeike Shoka

Margaret Michel Maizeike Shoka

Rosie Griego Maizeike Shoka

Dia Haque Maizeike Shoka

Minnette Siedenburg Maizeike Shoka

Linda Fraser Maizeike Shoka

Jane Johnson Maizeike Shoka

Connie Scholl Maizeike Shoka

Susan Quinn Maizeike Shoka

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