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Jeanne Sours and Linnea Storm

Sensei Linnea presented Jeanne Sours with her Level two Chudan certificate.

Congratulations Jeanne!

Sensei Linnéa Storm did a double presentation on shoka, emphasizing the importance of space in both the shofutai (traditional) and shimputai (modern) arrangements.  She did a brief review of the basics of shofutai and created a sanshuike (3 material) arrangement. She then described and demonstrated a shimputai arrangement. Students could create either a sanshuike or shimputai arrangement or both.

Evie Norins

Beverly Huddleston

Josephine Vincze

Linda Fraser

Michele Nguyen

Linnea Storm

Cathy Johnson

Dia Haque

Roxie Griego

Conne Scholl

Wanda LaLoggia

Jeanne Sours

Joan Foltz

Linnea Storm

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Wanda LaLoggia

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