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Our Zoom class was an Arranger’s Choice. As part of the workshop, our arrangers were tasked to describe the primary focus of the work, the most important element of the work, how the work revealed an aspect of Japanese culture, and finally, how the arrangement differs from one you might purchase from a florist.

The result was an array of beautiful arrangements,  Our six arrangers chose different kinds of shokas, jiyuka, and shimputai arrangements.  One brave soul even created a beautiful rikka shofutai!

I hope you enjoy seeing the result of their efforts.

Wanda LaLoggia Shoka Shimputai

Wanda LaLoggia Rikka Shimputai

Michele_Nguyen Jiyuka

Susan Quinn Rikka Shimputai

Connie Scholl Rikka

Michele_Nguyen Shoka

Josephine_Vinzce Shoka

Naomi Matusow Jiyuka

Shibani Sangelkar Shoka

Shibani Sangelkar Shoka

Shibani Sangelkar Jiyuka

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