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Seven participants presented and critiqued her arrangement at this workshop with sensei Linnéa Storm (except for one arranger who went AWOL but has since been forgiven).

This was an arranger’s choice workshop; the top choice was shoka. There were isshuike, nishuike, sanshuike and shimputai arrangements (plus one jiyuka and one rikka shimputai arrangement in sunanomono style). Materials included everything from fountain grass to butterfly ranunculus.

(Check out the photos to see just how different all the shoka arrangements look.)

We welcomed two observers who, we hope, will become members and start contributing to both Zoom and in-person workshops.  Until then…Happy arranging!

Michele Nguyen

Josephine Vincze

Margaret Michel

Susan Quinn

Susan Quinn

Lisa Schleier

Josephine Vincze

Linda Fraser

Wanda LaLoggia Sunanomono

Wanda LaLoggia

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