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“All Directions” certainly describes the jiyuka (freestyle) arrangements created by the nine participants at today’s workshop conducted by Linnéa Storm, sensei.

The participants’ creations were perhaps the most diverse of any workshop in the past…in containers and floral choices, and most decidedly in the titles and stories behind each arrangement.  I wish all our website’s viewers could not only see the end results, but have heard the stories.  Some caused laughter; some provoked tears, but all were worth listening to and seeing how these arrangements could be viewed from “all directions.”  It just proves that flower arranging can have great meaning in our lives. Please enjoy marveling at what has been brought forth at this Zoom workshop.

Susan Quinn

Wanda LaLoggia

Yuki Kataoka

Yuki Kataoka

Lisa Schleier

Margaret Michel

Shibani Sangelkar

Michele Nguyen

AnnMarie Brick

Connie Scholl

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