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It was a ZOOM meeting with Linnéa Storm, sensei. Some people don’t like doing an arrangement, sending photographs, receiving suggestions from the sensei, then tweaking the arrangement and sending more photos. It IS time-consuming, but the good part is being able to see all the arrangements close up at the ZOOM meeting, without someone standing in front of you or talking loudly to their neighbor. Plus, one gets much better at taking photos of arrangements.

That said, today’s ZOOM meeting had 7 participants who expressed their creativity in 7 different ways. And that’s one of the fun things about a shimputai arrangement. Every participant is creating their own little universe. First, a shu as the main element, then a yo which harmonizes with the shu, then the addition of ashirai, as needed, to add balance or color or contrast. Interestingly, sometimes only the creator know which material is shu, which is yo and which is the ashirai.

Take a close look at the photos for this workshop. See if you can determine which is which.

Lisa Schleier

Margaret Michel

Michele Nguyen

Susan Quinn

Susan Quinn

Wanda LaLoggia

Yuki Kataoka

Connie Scholl

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