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Has it been a whole year since we last studied tatehana with our highly-credentialed and very motivational sensei from Illinois? Yes, it has. And we welcomed the talented Jeanne Holy with warm weather and “hello again” hugs.

And once more she patiently explained that tatehana has no rules…so have fun. And fun we had, placing our motogi (the tall branch representing our plea to the gods to grant our wishes) and then adding the shitakusa (low placed floral material to complete the arrangement). And after a few tweaks (but no critiques) from our sensei, our wishes were granted and we went on to our second lesson very happy with our creations!

Connie Scholl

David Payne

Iris Cashdan-Fishman

Joyce Girvin

Linnea Storm

Margaret Michel

May Uttal

Michele Nguyen

Minnette Siedenburg

Shelly Dessen

Wanda LaLoggia

Yuki Kataoka

Bev Tall

Amy Kadori


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