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Shoka Sanshuike Workshop on Sunday, September 26, 2021 with Jean-Marcel Duciaume and Brenda Jackson from Edmonton, Canada

This was our second workshop with Jean-Marcel and Brenda (the first one was over a year ago). But they Zoomed in like old friends and made all ten of today’s participants feel like they had met and conquered a real floral challenge.

And we listened carefully as they explained the variations possible with shoka sanshuike, the importance of a clean and proper mizugiwa, the difference between a hongatte and a gyakugatte arrangement and how we are working with floral materials, but also with “space.”

Each of us was asked to talk about our arrangements…the materials and containers we chose and why, and a little about the challenges we faced.  Then Jean-Marcel and Brenda told us how they critiqued each arrangement and watched as each succeeding photo submission became a better and better example of what a shoka sanshuike should look like.

I know all of us have a much better idea of how we will create our next shoka sanshuike.   Thank you Jean-Marcel and Brenda.  We invite you to visit Arizona so we can meet you in person and gain further insights into the art of Ikenobo,

Linnéa Storm

Margaret Micnhel

SooBin Kang

Yuki Kataoka

Michele Nguyen

Connie Scholl

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