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Sensei Linnéa Storm created an interesting challenge for the participants of this month’s workshop. We were to create a Kabuwake arrangement…starting with either shoka sanshuike or shoka shimputai. It’s important to know that kabuwake means “a divided arrangement.” So, once we had put together our basic sanshuike or shimputaI, HOW were we to “divide” it?  And, WHY do we even want to divide it?

WHY:  Dividing an arrangement  can show a greater range of expression, increased creativity and create space (Yohaku) which allows the viewer to set free his or her imagination.

HOW: The arranger creates two groups (okabu is the larger; mekabu is the smaller) There are different rules for separation for sanshuike or shimputai.  If you would like to learn more about this, please contact Sensei Linnéa (, who has put together a very informative Zoom lecture giving all the details.

I can promise that once you have created your own kabuwake, you will understand how important even a small  space can be in this large universe.

May Uttal

Susan Quinn

Yuki Kataoka

Connie Scholl

Margaret Michel

Michele Nguyen

Wanda LaLoggia

Wanda LaLoggia


Bev Tall

Rhonda Chritchley

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