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Linnea Storm

So many materials…so many interesting decisions to be made at our recent workshop.  Once again, we were lucky enough to have our superb sensei and Chapter President, Linnéa Storm, as our guide through the intricacies of both shoka isshuike and nishuike.  That was the beginning of our decision-making.  Should we do just an issuike or just a nishuike, or maybe both.  And should we use red dogwood or honeysuckle and/or solidago or snap dragons or larkspur…in which combination…and what color?

And what made it so much fun was that all our arrangements were so beautiful, and so varied.  Which made for a lot of “ohs” and “ahs” from the visitors to the “Bonsai, Pottery, Ikenobo Ikebana Exhibit” at the Japanese Friendship Garden.  Fourteen arrangements were carried from the Winship House over to the Garden. (Many thanks to Toby Schmich who made 5 or 6 blocks-long round trips to help others get their creations to our lovely garden setting.)

What a great opportunity to get the word out about Ikenobo.  Many thanks, too, to the very helpful JFG planners and assistant, especially Eriko Saxon, who made it all possible.

Aldalucia Zerio

Bev Huddleston

Bev Tall

Connie Scholl

Josephine Vincze

Margaret Michel

Michele Nguyen

Minnette Siedenburg

Pat Kuffler

Toby Schmich

Wanda LaLoggia

Yuki Kataoka

Connie Scholl & Linnea Storm

Connie Scholl received her Assistant Teacher’s certificate at the workshop.  Congratulations Connie!  What a wonderful accomplishment!

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