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Wanda LaLoggia Sensei did a great job explaining to the eleven participants the MANY variations possible when arranging niju-ike.

For starters, the vase has TWO levels and the materials in the upper level must be different from those used in the lower level. And, two or three types of materials may be used.

Then, there are the placements of the larger and smaller arrangements, either in the upper or lower mouth of the container. Or, the whole arrangement can be in the lower mouth.  Sound complicated? It is. I hope we will have another niju-ike class soon, so we can build on our current limited knowledge of the arrangement, before we forget it, and have to start all over again!

Bev Tall

Cathy Johnson

Josephine Vincze

Lauren Toth

Lauren Toth

Linnéa Storm

Margaret Michel

May Uttal

Michele Nguyen

Minnette Siedenburg

Shelly Dessen

Wanda LaLoggia

Yuki Kataoka

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