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Bev Tall

Bev Tall, our sensei for the Shoka Sanshuike workshop on April 21, is also a globe-trotting orchid judge with her own greenhouse at her home.

We were so glad she took a break in her exhaustive travel schedule to lead the workshop students through the intricacies of the modern three-material shoka.

The materials she chose were both beautiful and challenging…lovely blooming plum branches, deep maroon calla lilies and a very beautiful, but also very delicate green plant with very thin stems and a name no one was really sure of.

Needless to say, both Ikenobo beginners and long-timers benefitted from watching Bev critique each arrangement with an eye to sending all students home with well-crafted arrangements that reflected their own feelings and creativity.

Yoly Hughson

Wolfe Yan

Wanda LaLoggia

Wanda LaLoggia

Toby Schmich

Rosie O.

Pat Kuffler

Naomi Matusow

Michelle Nguyen

May Utall

Margaret Michel

Iris Cashdan-Fishman

Elizabeth Nowen

Bev Tall


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