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Before the workshop started, completion certificates were presented to four Ikenobo enthusiasts:  Shibani Sangelkar (Levels 1, 2 & 3), Michele Nguyen (Level 8), Wanda LaLoggia (Level 10) and Lauren Toth (Level 10).  Congratulations to each of you.

Now we were ready for our shoka shofutai betsuden (special teaching) lesson using only one material (boronia).  And since this was to be a shoka, we were ready to place our shin, soe and tai.  But wait! Not so fast! Today we are doing a shoka variation called soe-hazushi (omitting soe).  But even if it is missing, it must be “felt.” Shin must be very strong with a deep koshi.  And there must be a soe za added to shin or the front or back shin ashirai.  Get it?  No soe, but the feeling that soe is still present.  Interesting concept and fun to create with the help of sensei Linnéa Storm.

To see all participants’ creations, just check out the photos.

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