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Jeanne Holy

On January 19, 2018, at the Japanese Friendship Garden Winship House, the Ikebana-Ikenobo Arizona Chapter was honored to have Jeanne Holy, Professor of Ikebana,  instruct 13 willing students in the art of Rikka Shofutai.   Holy Sensei  taught that Rikka is in the form of a globe – everything has a place and space.  The finished arrangement represents the entire universe.

The right tools, including vase, kensan, materials, hasami, wires of several widths, and various types of floral tape are all necessary in forming the nine parts of a pleasing and proper display.  The wires used are appropriate to the individual flower stems, and the tape colors blend in with the stems.  Within rikka’s nine main parts, or yakueda,  it is helpful to think of three sections, the upper, middle, and lower parts as well as the positioning of the sun and its effect on the right, left, and center focal points.

After an instructive morning and the beginning of the flower arrangements, a delicious potluck, arranged by Margaret Michel, was enjoyed by all.  After cookies and chocolate cake, the afternoon began on a high note.

Holy Sensei helped each student fulfill her desire to have an eye catching and beautiful composition.  Some of the arrangements, measured by the tips of the leaves were five feet wide and, including the vase, about the same height.  Materials used included large Bird of Paradise leaves, yellow lilies, irises, green hypericum, Israeli and Italian ruscus, as well as bright pink mini-carnations and solidago.

Yuki Kataoka

Yoly Hughson

Toby Schmich

Michele Nguyen

May Uttal

Margaret Michel

Linnea Storm

Jeanne Holy

Amy Kadori

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