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Linnea Storm

Our November 18 Shoka Nishuike workshop in the Winship House at the Japanese Friendship Garden was not only a great learning experience but it also turned out to be an excellent opportunity to introduce the world’s oldest floral arranging school to the many visitors to the JFG’s annual Bonsai and Pottery Festival.

Our workshop was taught by the Chapter’s President, Linnéa Storm, who is one of the highest ranking Ikenobo instructors in Arizona.  Among the 22 people who attended were 6 new students, who benefitted from Linnéa’s expertise in the creation of the two-material Shoka.  In addition, some of the senior students made a variation of this Shoka in vases with both an upper and a lower “mouth.”

At the end of class, 14 of the students elected to take their newly created  and critiqued arrangements to the Festival being held at the Garden.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful display!

Yuki Kataoka

Margaret Michel

Yuki Kataoka

Yoly Hughson

Wanda LaLoggia

Toby Schmich

Ryan Matthews

Rosy Obregon

Michele Nguyen

Minnette Siedenburg


Pat Kuffler

Margaret Michel

Marty Sellars

May Uttal

May Uttal



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Linnea Storm

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