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Lauren Toth ended our year of Ikenobo workshops on a very bright note!   Her teaching of shoka shimputai  is becoming something of a tradition for us as she has taught this lesson for the last several years.   As in the past, Lauren chose colorful spring and summer flowers and supplemented those with line material from her garden.   This made for a perfect recipe for shoka shimputai arrangements.    A look at the workshop arrangements will  be rewarded with the bright feeling of shoka shimputai.

Cathy Johnson

Connie Scholl

David Payne

Iris Cashdan Fishman

Lauren Toth

Lauren Toth

Lauren Toth

Linnea Storm

Michele Nguyen

Naomi Matusow

Shelly Dessen

Toby Schmich

Wanda LaLoggia

Yoly Hughson

Yuki Kataoka

Minnette Siedenburg

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