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In an email to President Wanda LaLoggia following our recent workshop, Michele Nguyen said:

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Professor Linnéa for her teachings and dedication.”  I think Michele has perfectly stated all the students’ feelings.

Last Sunday, we studied Shoka Shimputai under Linnéa sensei’s direction.  She made an excellent point that shoka shimputai is STILL SHOKA.  It needs to have all its stems in a straight line (the sashiguchi) and must still have a mizugiwa. But in Shimputai, the arrangers create their own meaning, as they select SHU and YO and add ashirai to complement the two main elements. It is up to the arranger to determine which is shu and which is yo and this might not even be evident to the viewers.

So, one of the fun things we did during the workshop was to guess shu and yo for each arrangement and then ask the arranger which was which and why.  This gave us a much greater insight into each arranger’s feelings toward their creations.  A very interesting approach to a workshop. Thank you, Linnéa!

Linnéa Storm

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Lisa Schleier

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