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It was good to be back again among floral-minded friends at Alda and John Zerio’s perfect-for-Asian-inspired gatherings. (The Japanese garden is a wonder to look upon.)

We had probably the biggest Chapter Day crowd ever (29 participants), so our sensei (Linnéa Storm) had her work cut out for her. After certificate presentations to Wanda LaLoggia, Michele Nguyen and Yuki Kataoka, Linnéa walked us through some of the “mysteries” of Ikenobo, plus the basics of Freestyle. It was a very different type of workshop, because, in addition to flowers and greenery, participants were provided with vases to use.  So everyone had an extra challenge of creating an arrangement in a never-before-seen container.  And, it seemed to spark an extra bit of creativity in everyone as we put together arrangements with a theme—everything from a visit to a park with friends to a sailing excursion to a meeting of sweethearts to a roadrunner racing down a palm-lined lane.

All in all, it was a Chapter Day to be remembered for years to come!

Members receiving Certificates

Michele Nguyen receives her level 1 & 2 certificate

Wanda LaLoggia receives her level 6 certificate

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