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Having just learned of the passing of Janet Ikeda, longtime member of Ikenobo Ikebana and Ikebana of Arizona, and for many years our primary translator and host for visiting Japanese professors, we would like to dedicate this past week’s Ikenobo demonstration to her memory.   Janet made us all better and embodied the spirit of Ikenobo ikebana.

Professor Daiji Miura from Japan

The 2018 visiting professor demonstration was held on March 9, 2018 at the Japanese Friendship Garden.

Professor Miura  began his demonstration with a traditional ceremonial arrangement, a shoka isshuike using sakura, cherry blossom branches.   He then placed this work in the tokonoma of the tea house.  Professor Miura  demonstrated all three styles of Ikenobo,  beginning with the very early tatehana arrangement, a forerunner of rikka,  and including later rikka, shoka, and free style, or jiyuka, styles.

Patricia Deridder  served as translator for Professor Miura and also gave a brief introduction to Ikenobo prior to the demonstration.   Assisting the professor in his preparation and in the demonstration were Margaret Michel  and Linnéa Storm.   Photography was  the work of Wanda LaLoggia assisted by Michele Nguyen.

Rikka Shimputai

Shoka Shimputai


Free Style

Rikka Shofutai

Free Style

Free Style


Free Style

Pat Kuffler and Pat Maguire

Norma Caston, Masa Fukuchi, Sumiye Nishida

Professor receives thanks and a gift from Susan Allen

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