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The afternoon session on Ikenobo’s free style was planned to illustrate some of the basic elements of the style which, although it has no rules, does emphasize contrast between materials, a principle at the heart of ikebana. Holy Sensei discussed the philosophy of in and yo, the two opposites which together make up the whole. Both must be present. She added that we are not making things beautiful since the materials are already beautiful. Rather we are presenting them beautifully. We may have external reasons for arranging, to celebrate an occasion, for example, or we may take inspiration from a vase or from material, but in any case, we strive to present the materials beautifully. After a review of the guidelines for free style from the current curriculum, Holy Sensei created an arrangement to demonstrate jiyuka, free style, using fatsia, craspedia, lily grass and bright tulips. Then it was our turn to create our free style works and benefit from Holy Sensei’s advice and guidance. The room was bright and beautiful.

Jeanne Holy

Calvin Cheung

Josephine Vincze

Yuki Kataoka

Susan Quinn

Joyce Girvin

Bev Tall

Connie Scholl

David Payne

Linnea Storm

May Uttal

Minnette Siedenburg

Shelly Dessen

Wanda LaLoggia

Bev Huddleston

Takara Naylor

Special Thanks!

A special thanks to Joyce Girvin for donating the desert bloom and to Linnea Storm for making the lovely raffle arrangements.

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