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Floral Tape -olive green $5.00 (FT001)

Floral Tape - dark brown $5.00 (FT003)

Water Absorbing Floral Tape-Brown $6.50 (FT002)

Water Absorbing Floral Tape - green $6.50 (FT004)

Floral Tape - dark green $5.00 (FT005)

Kenzan Needle Rake $6.00 (M021)

Kenzan needle rake to clean kenzan

Kenzan Pad $2.00 (M008)

Rubber mat to protect vase

Kenzan Pin Straightener $7.00 (M009)

Kenzan Stabilizing Post $7.00 (KP)

A post for stabilizing kenzan by attaching to the back of the kenzan (and the inserting the tip of the post to the pebbles in the vase). Suitable for an ikebana with tall or heavy stems.

Kenzan Raising Disc $10.00 (M010)

Set of 3.  For raising the kenzan in a lower vase.

Plastic Straw Komiwara $5.00 (M005)

Small Roll Up Wire Case (M0002) $20.00

With 22 pockets for containing large quantities of wires.

Only for the wires of 45cm or below.

size 46 cm × 55 cm (on spreading)
color blue(checker board pattern)/red(checker board pattern)/brown(checker board pattern)

Scissor Blade Case (CV001)

Scissor Cleaner (Sabitoru) $6.00 (C001)

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