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New Ikebana Vases from Kadosha Floral Shop

No items available

Check back later for new vases from Japan

Donated (One of a Kind) Vases

DV065 $20.00

Glass square w flower holder insert 6″

DV025 $40.00

Oval Suiban 6X12″ gold w feet

DV053 $20.00

Small teal bud 10″

DV072 $30.00

8″ black oval ceramic suiban

DV019 $25.00

Small brown ceramic with removable kenzan holder

Square ceramic $10.00 (DV022)

Square ceramic moribana style container with built in kenzan.

DV078 $20.00

9″ brown green ceramic w design

DV115 $15.00

5X3 low round ceramic with ridges with flower holder insert

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