New Ikebana Vases from Kadosha Floral Shop

JV021 $55.00

Kaki-no Iroha # 021
Affordable-priced pottery vase series (made in Japan)
For jiyuka

Product details
size: W26.5cm * D 6cm * H 18cm
material: pottery

JV003 $45.00

For rikka / shoka

With an unremovable kenzan holding disk

diameter 11 cm
height 24.5 cm

JV005 Japan Simple Vase #5 $65.00

standard shaped container for rikka & shoka.
affordable price, with a kenzan holding disk (plastic)

Product details
size: diameter 24cm *  H 23.5cm
material: pottery

Beverly Huddleston


JV025 $50.00

Affordable-priced pottery vase series (made in Japan)

For jiyuka, Kaki-no Iroha Containers

Product details
size: W 22cm * D 4.5cm * H 22cm
material: pottery

JV002 $50.00

Hana no Miyako for shoka / rikka

JV001 $80.00

Glass Merry Petite
gorgeous glass vase ,
Product details
diameter:10.5cm (approx.)

JV006 $45.00

Suiban Basin Collection size: diameter 29cm * H 8cm

Used Ikebana Vases Donated by Jane Ralston

Round Suiban $30.00 (II001)

Round Ceramic Suiban Style
13″ wide

Grooved Pedestal $25.00 (II004)

6″wX10″h ceramic

Pedestal Style Vase $30.00 (II002)

Blue Ceramic

Donated (One of a Kind) Vases

DV001 $20.00

Green ceramic vase

size:L4.5″ x W2″x H5″

DV004 Tall Ceramic Green/Brown Textured $20.00

Approx 20″ high
Includes kenzan raising platform


DV006 $50.00

Handmade ceramic pitcher vase

DV013 $30.00

Oriental satsuma style vase 10″ H includes removable kenzan holder

DV018 $25.00

Small ceramic gray tones

DV019 $25.00

Small brown ceramic with removable kenzan holder

DV002 Brass vase $25.00

Brass check flared vase



DV012 $30.00

Chalice style W7 1/2xH8 1/2

DV014 $20.00

Metal bowl style vase 12″WX5″H with removable kenzan holder

DV015 $30.00

Metal chalice style vase 5″WX5″H with removable kenzan holder


DV017 $40.00

Metal square with multiple openings for kenzan

DV020 $45.00

while metal jiyuka with multiple openings 16″ W X 12″ H

Square ceramic $10.00 (DV022)

Square ceramic moribana style container with built in kenzan.

Tall Glass Free Style Vase $30.00 (DV028)

Tall Glass Free Style Vase

DV003 $25.00

Black ceramic jiyuka


White Circular jiyuka 15.00 (DV009)

Approx 6 ‘ high with 2 holders for kenzan or flowers


DV010 $30.00

Square Ceramic L4 1/W2x3 1/2 Hx7

DV016 $20.00

Metal watering can style vase 9″ h inc handle


DV019 $25.00

Small brown ceramic with removable kenzan holder

Vinyl Jiyuka style container $5.00 (DV021)

Unique container, suitable for jiyuka.  Would make a nice container for a gift arrangement.

Curved Glass vase $20.00 (DV027)

Curved glass vase.  Suitable for jiyuka.

DV030 $25.00

Tall Green & Brown Ceramic Vase