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Rikka and Shoka

Containers for shoka and rikka should have an opening at the top that is wider than the base and the top edge should be completely even.

Boat Containers

Boat containers are used for shoka boat arrangements and can also be used in jiyuka arrangements


Baskets are suitable for traditional isshuike and nishuikeshoka designs.  Not suitable for sanshuike, shimputai or futakabu-ike designs.  Baskets without handles are preferable.  Kenzan must be raised to just below the top of the basket.


A suiban is a flat, shallow container and is suitable for futakabu-ike, shoka, some modern shoka and classic rikka designs and jiyuka style.

Traditional Bronze

Traditional bronze containers are for classic rikka and classic shoka arrangements.  Should not be used for modern shoka, jiyuka or any shimputai.


A tatehana is  the predecessor to rikka.  This container should be no more than 9 to 10 inches tall.

Classic Rikka or Shoka

Shoka Containers

Tatehana Containers

Tatehana with 1 Stem of Camellia

Rikka or Shoka Containers

Jiyuka Containers

Modern Rikka / Shoka


Futakabu-ike, Shoka, Jiyuka

Nishuike or Isshuike


Shimputai or Jiyuka

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